I've finally graduated!

by - October 25, 2018


I've finally come to my senses to update this blog after 5 months of leaving it without any updates. The last entry posted was before I graduate and somewhere between the lines stated that I would update more after I finish everything.

I failed to keep that one promise―every single time.


We'll talk about this later.

So back to the title―yes, I've finally graduated!

In fact, it's been a week since I've had my convocation ceremony (/^▽^)/

I don't have much to talk about because I don't even know what to say hsjdhjshsjd so I'm just gonna share to you guys some of the photos that we've taken after the convocation.
Well, um―yeah, that's me 」( ̄▽ ̄」)

My housemates.

Never I thought that this class picture could be taken considering our circumstances (parents, friends, etc) but amazingly, with just one text, over half of the class managed to come and gather officially for the last time. The smiles, the laughter we let out as we see each other was still there, even after months of separation―as if we've never been apart. And at that time I've never felt so sure that this class, these friends―would totally be the best friends I've ever met and I would be remembered for the rest of my life.

I love you guys so much.

Diploma in Physiotherapy―checked!

Till then.


Maybe I should start writing again.

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